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Commercial Carbon Filter


Activated carbon filters are primarily used to remove objectionable tastes and odors from water, and are effective in removing chlorine. These filters contain activated carbon, a form of charcoal with high adsorptive qualities.. As water is brought into contact with these activated carbon particles, the taste and odor constituents are retained in the carbon, resulting in a taste and odor free water. Activated carbon filters have also proven effective in the removal of inorganics such as trihalomethanes.

The granulated filters must be periodically backwashed, and the cartridges cleaned or replaced from time to time.


S.No Model Flow rate (Liter Per Hour)  
1 08x44 Carbon Filter 2000-2500  
2 12x48 Carbon Filter 2000-2500  
3 12x48 Carbon Filter 3000-4000  
4 13x54 Carbon Filter 3000-4000  
5 14x65 Carbon Filter 5000-6000  
6 16x65 Carbon Filter 6000-8000  
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