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Institutional Sand Filter


The sand filter is used for the filtration of visible dirt or suspended matter (turbidity) due to silt, sand, organic matter, and rust type particles from water. These units use sand or gravel as the filter media, and are effective in removing sediment and cloudiness from water.

Sand filters must be backwashed periodically to clean the suspended matter from the filter media and flush it down the drain.


S.No Model Flow rate (Liter Per Hour)  
1 08x44 Sand Filter 2000-2500  
2 12x48 Sand Filter 2000-2500  
3 12x48 Sand Filter 3000-4000  
4 13x54 Sand Filter 3000-4000  
5 14x65 Sand Filter 5000-6000  
6 16x65 Sand Filter 6000-8000  
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