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Industrial Water Softeners


The main purpose of a water softener is to remove the divalent cations usually of calcium and magnesium. When a sample of water contains more than 120 mg/liter of them then the water is classified as Hard Water.

Hard waters are unsuitable for many domestic and industrial purpose. In addition to formation of scales in pipelines, equipment, appliances, sanitary fittings etc, hard water at times has adverse effects on human skin and hair.

The body of a water softener is a tank filled with resin beads that are covered with sodium ions. As hard water passes through, the resin beads act like a magnet, attracting the calcium and magnesium ions, or hardness, in exchange for the sodium ions.

Eventually the resin beads become saturated with mineral ions and have to be "re-charged". This process is called regeneration.

During the regeneration process, a strong brine solution is flushed through the resin tank, bathing the resin beads in a stream of sodium ions which replace the accumulated calcium and magnesium ions.

Calcium and magnesium are hard scale forming minerals that build up on piping, heat exchangers, water heaters, boilers and any steam related equipment. This buildup results in costly repairs, increased energy consumption, plugged heat exchangers and boiler tubes. The service life of linens, clothing, appliances and fixtures is greatly reduced due to these "hard" minerals.

S.NO Model Flow Rate(Liter per hour )  
1. 08x44,   28Lt. Water Softener 2000-2500  
2. 12x48,   50Lt. Water Softener 2000-2500  
3. 12x48,   50Lt. Water Softener 3000-4000  
4. 13x54,   50Lt. Water Softener 3000-4000  
5. 13x54, 100Lt. Water Softener 3000-4000  
6. 14x65, 150Lt. Water Softener



7. 14x65, 150Lt. Water Softener


8. 16x65, 180Lt. Water Softener


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